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finally, a reason to discuss pole dancing

Posted by Joy Icayan on December 4, 2009

Tim Kurtz and Kally Whitehead discuss the shift of meanings with regards to pole dancing, from an activity that potentially objectifies women (as performed in strip bars usually subject to male gaze) to a form of aerobic exercise and as something that women enjoy and feel good about.

It is necessary to note that in instances of oppression (whether perceived or real), the ones oppressed often find ways to retrieve power back. This can be seen by how colonialized cultures assimilate their cultures to the dominant one, or how homosexuals have shifted the meaning of ‘queer’, and women of ‘bitch’. Language too, is power play.

(Pole dancing link comes from Patrick of Secret Vespers.)


3 Responses to “finally, a reason to discuss pole dancing”

  1. Wow, I can’t believe it, I wrote a post on this subject a matter of hours ago on my blog (your post came up as automatically related). I’ve never seen the article you linked to before but I look forward to reading it, it’s about time something like this was written (yes, I am one of those ‘pole fitnes’ dancers lol) so thank you very much for finding it. If you get the chance please check out my post as it looks at male-perpetrated definitions of female sexuality in relation to pole, it’s here What a coincidence we both had posts on this on the same night! Let me know what you think if you get the chance anyhow

  2. annani said

    thanks! that was a good read. and kudos to you and the women on fire. 🙂

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