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We’re watching.

Posted by Joy Icayan on November 27, 2009

Psychologists have used the subway train as a playground for social psychology experiments, observing behavior of people in certain situations. How would you react for instance if someone collapses on the floor? If someone asks you to mail a letter? And which part of the train is conducive for er, romance?

So what experiments/studies would you like to conduct in the train, or in the MRT/LRT? These are mine:

1. How will people will react to a person noisily arguing on the phone? Will the perception of that person change according to gender?

2. How much constriction of physical space is tolerable? Does it change depending on how the person is surrounded (whether front/back/side)?

3. How will a person react if an attractive person introduces himself/herself and engages in small talk? Who are more likely to entertain these requests, does it differ on the time of day (rush hour versus more relaxed times), and supposing they get off the same station, do are more likely to continue the conversation outside the train?

4. Those annoying ads in the MRT. Just how much of those details do we remember, what factors influence retention? (Personally they irritate me for the whole 30 minute ride).


2 Responses to “We’re watching.”

  1. claire said

    how about yung tulaan sa tren? šŸ˜›

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