The Homunculus

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we keep the music

Posted by Joy Icayan on October 15, 2009

We have all heard the stories: the man who forgets his past but keeps his music, the old lady with Alzheimer’s who can detect a wrong note when childhood music is played. Music, in Oliver Sacks’ Musicophilia has been found out to reach out to patients suffering from catatonia and Parkinson’s. Known to soothe and calm us down, it has also been found to trigger seizures, nightmares, and pain.

So what is it about music? It could be our experiences, or the fact that minor chords can sound so sad. Steinbeck once wrote of his musical therapy, listening to music while in a state of emotional loss, coming out of it quite shaken, cleansed. Whatever it is, our lives seem parallel to the soundtracks we’ve designed to document it.


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